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Last week someone told me that this was their reward. Makes sense.
My reward is proving people right. My goal is to prove Train fans right. All these years liking, loving a band that is so easily put in the “lame bin” and you guys stuck with us fighting the good fight.
I want you to be the…

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More dessert & baking inspiration:


More dessert & baking inspiration:

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A Sweeping Symbol of Modernity in Azerbaijan

For more photos and videos from The Heydar Aliyev Center, explore the Heydar Aliyev Center location page.

The Heydar Aliyev Center in Azerbaijan resembles a cresting wave—there are no straight lines on the structure’s curved, white surface. Constructed by British architect Zaha Hadid in 2012, the center’s unique shape is a symbol of modernity in the city of Baku, reflecting the present and the future in progress. Heydar Aliyev stands primarily as a venue for art exhibitions, and its stunning landscape is also popular backdrop for visiting and local Instagrammers alike.

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"Yggdrasil" (by Matthias Cornilleau)
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More dessert & baking inspiration:


More dessert & baking inspiration:

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Classic Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting
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Today, Monday, June 9th, “Angel In Blue Jeans” is released as our first single from our 7th album, titled Bulletproof Picasso. This entire album took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but we hope it will be looked at as our best to date. Angel was the first song written for this one and we’re excited that it will lead the way to your ears and, hopefully, hearts. Listen on here.

Download “Angel In Blue Jeans” on iTunes. If you don’t see it up on iTunes yet, it will be released around the world throughout the day. Oh and if you Shazam the song, you can enter to win a cabin on the Sail Across The Sun Cruise next year! 

Bulletproof Picasso will be released on September 16, 2014 and we’ll be doing shows around that date to support its release, see them below

9/17 - Los Angeles, CA @ Pantages Theatre
9/18 - Los Angeles, CA @ Pantages Theatre
9/21 - San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic
9/22 - San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic
9/25 - New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall

Tickets go on sale June 13th at 10am local time.

Thanks for being so good to us over the years. We all hope that we’re still making you proud Train fans with this new music!

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